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Flexible marketing support with a Creative Twist

We work with you on a flexible, yet reliable basis to provide sensible marketing and design solutions, with creative direction. We guarantee to listen to your business needs every step of the way, give advice and support tailored to your industry and will work hard to help you realise your potential. We’re bursting at the seams with enthusiasm and ideas, if you need a fresh look you have come to the right place!

Creative Twist is ready to work with you through the challenging times to help make your business and businesses in your network stronger and more successful or to get your shiny new idea/company off the starting blocks. Just like people, businesses often need a period of change to ignite growth, to develop, adapt and become more successful. Creative Twist is ready to support your business with all elements of digital marketing, website design, graphic design, SEO, user experience and more. Based from home, Creative Twist can be flexible, to support your business needs. Project based or retained support is available, we won’t tie you down – our ethos is to build relationships and strengthen networks.

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Creative Twist Web Developer

I’m Annabel, the director and founder of Creative Twist. As a professional I am a creative forward thinker, self-motivated, full of ideas and excited by anything challenging. As a person I am positive, friendly, sociable and supportive. I enjoy keeping fit and I love playing Squash. I am passionate about marketing, great website design, and excited about the successes this can bring to others. I hold a degree in Psychology, a diploma in listening skills and 13 plus years of marketing and design experience.

Creative Twist is located in Montrose, Angus, Scotland, the business was originally started from our busy family home in the Heart of Kent in 2018. 2019 was for us the year to ‘just go for it’,  resulting in a move to Scotland. It has been a whirlwind of change and adventure and I am pleased we took this opportunity. Change can be beneficial, even when it seems impossible and challenges us to the max.

Annabel, Director Creative Twist

Creative Twist & Psychology of Marketing

Creative Twist is a firm believer that Psychology goes hand in hand with marketing, brand behaviour and customer interactions. Using psychology alongside your marketing it is possible to further influence customer perception, memorability, brand impact and the way customers interact with your brand.

A degree in Psychology—doesn’t go out of date with the latest marketing platform. Marketing which is founded on psychological insights can take your standard off the shelf designs and marketing collateral (however magnificent) and raise it to the next level, no matter what platform you are marketing your business on.

What Design & Marketing enhanced by Psychology means for you

Take time to consider how well your customer journey fits with your consumer mind set. What does your brand say about your business?  The Psychology of Marketing can help you delve deeper into understanding how your marketing will encourage behaviours in people. It enables a greater understanding of how your brand colour, fonts shapes and imagery will influence your potential customers. Marketing grounded by psychology reminds us that while every person is unique they generally make decisions based on similar criteria – together we can evolve and grow client engagement after looking at what motivates them.

Using this psychological understanding, years of marketing and design experience and your brand/business knowledge is a winning combination — top it off with some flexible working and a twist of creativity and there is a recipe for success.

Psychology may or may not be a primary interest for you, it doesn’t need to be. Simply be smug in the knowledge that your marketing has an intelligent twist.

Give your marketing a Creative Twist, it’s time to push your business in the right direction.



The scientific study of the human mind and its functions, especially those affecting behaviour in a given context.



The action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising.

Psychology of Marketing

Psychology of Marketing

Studying how behaviour is influenced by marketing and then looking at how marketing can be improved to encourage more interactions.

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