Creative Twist was founded from a busy family home in the Heart of Kent in 2018. Many years in the Design and Marketing industry has shown me that if you control and regiment your business, it can produce success, but often this can be short lived. Just like people, businesses often need the ability to grow, stretch and move in order to develop and become more successful. I aim to offer your business the help and support it needs in bringing the marketing, design and sales processes up to scratch, in a flexible way to support you.  Whether it is project based or on-going support you require, you won’t be tied in to long drawn out contracts.

Design & Marketing Enhanced by Psychology

A degree in Psychology introduced me to many eye-opening concepts, but most importantly for me it taught me how to really listen to what others need. Along side, it showed me how people have inbuilt problem solving functions, how others can be easily influenced with a few subtle tricks, memory and perception are processed in different ways, and the list goes on.

A degree in the way humans think and interact—doesn’t go out of date with the latest marketing platform. This means the knowledge can take your standard off the shelf design and marketing (however magnificent) and raise it to the next level, no matter what platform you are marketing your business on.

Time to change up your Marketing?

Have you ever considered how well your customer journey fits actually with your consumer mind set? What your brand actually says about your business? The Psychology of Marketing can help. It enables a greater understanding of how your brand colour, fonts shapes and imagery will influence your potential customers, it reminds us that every person is unique and but make decisions for a variety of reasons – together we can evolve the engagement with your clients by looking at what motivates them.

Using this knowledge, my years of marketing and design expertise and your brand/business ideas or insights is a winning combination — top it off with some flexibility and a Creative Twist and you have a recipe for success.

I aim to run with an open mind and work with you on a flexible basis to provide solutions and creative direction. We guarantee to listen to you every step of the way, hold your hand if necessary and always give you a solution tailored to your business and customer base.

If you’re ready to push your business in the right direction, we’d love to hear from you.


Creative Twist—a flexible, user-friendly design and marketing solution for your agency—that’s easy to work with.