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Who are Creative Twist?

Creative Twist was founded by Annabel, an experienced and ambitious multi-skilled creative marketeer. With over 12 years of commercial experience, Annabel has worked with start-up companies, small and medium-sized businesses, and large well-known brands such as Unilever and Tui Travel.

In the last 12 years, she successfully managed databases of over 400k customers, run ads in the national press, designed many flyers, brochures, and logos. She’s designed and built over 25 successful websites, and even been re-tweeted by a celebratory whilst managing my client’s Twitter account! Annabel is driven by success, excited by a challenge, and passionate about providing a good return on investment.

Creative Twist is located in Montrose, Angus, Scotland, the business was originally started from her busy family home in the Heart of Kent in 2018. 2019 resulted in a life-changing move to Scotland, it was a whirlwind of change and adventure and Creative Twist has grown in strength year on year.

“Change can be beneficial, even when it seems impossible and challenges us to the max. Sometimes we just need to TWIST things up a notch!”

Annabel, Director Creative Twist

What do we offer?

We offer flexible creative design and marketing support for your business

We work hard to provide businesses with sensible creative marketing and design solutions. We guarantee to listen to your business needs every step of the way. We’ll provide advice and support tailored to your industry and we will help you reach the right audience and realise your potential. We’re bursting at the seams with enthusiasm and ideas, if you need a fresh pair of eyes and some strategic thought to drive your business forward, you have come to the right place.

Creative Twist provides support for businesses all over the UK and Scotland with digital marketing, website design, graphic design and SEO support.

Project-based or retained digital marketing support is available. We don’t tie our clients down—we work hard to produce good results for your business and build strong relationships with our clients.

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Why are we different?

We offer creative, intelligent digital solutions, firmly rooted in Psychology.

Psychology goes hand in hand with marketing, brand behaviour, and building customer relationships. Using psychology alongside your marketing, it is possible to further influence customer perception, memorability, brand impact, and the way customers interact with your brand.

Psychology doesn’t go out of date with the latest marketing platform. Marketing that is founded on psychological insights can take your standard off-the-shelf designs and marketing collateral (however magnificent) and raise it to the next level, no matter what platform you are marketing your business on.

What Design & Marketing enhanced by Psychology means for you

The Psychology of Marketing can help you delve deeper into understanding how your marketing will encourage specific behaviours in people. It enables a greater understanding of how your brand colour, fonts, shapes, and imagery will influence your potential customers. Together we can evolve and grow client engagement after looking at what motivates them.

Psychology may or may not be a primary interest for you, it doesn’t need to be. Simply be smug in the knowledge that your marketing has an intelligent twist.

Give your marketing a Creative Twist, it’s time to drive your business in the right direction.

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