Web Design Costs

What should I expect to pay for my website?

Web Design costs can vary dramatically, whether you are after a basic one page website or a bespoke complex build it can be difficult to know whether you are getting good value for money. It is not always the price we need to know, but the value of what we are paying for. When thinking about the cost of a website it can be a good idea to weigh up how valuable it will be to your business.

How valuable is a website to your business?

Due to the varying costs of building a website, there is no straightforward answer to the exact cost of your website project. Our view is that is more important for you first to understand how valuable a website could be to your business. First, focus on what you require from your website, think about the following…

How will your website function for you?

This typically varies from business to business. Some businesses benefit from enabling their customers to buy online products or services online, others will require a small professional brochure style website which will be used to showcase information and services which can be transacted offline.

What will a website mean for your business?

A well built website will allow you to reach more potential customers, it will provide potential customers with a platform secure contact you on, it will help you to look professional and provide you with a starting point to grow your business further.

Can a website streamline the processes in your business?

Yes, websites can streamline processes in your business which will save you time and money if they function correctly. The most obvious way to make money from your website is to build an e-commerce website, so you can sell directly to customers online, but there are many other ways having a website will help streamline your business.

Websites are a great platform to provide customers with information, ensure you package up the information in an easy to use and understand format and your customers will understand exactly what your company is offering – this will help you cut down your time closing the sale. Websites can be used by staff as a sales tool, these type of websites are often known as brochure websites, they are great for showcasing your services and products – without transacting online. Your website can be a platform which you use to build trust with your customers, provide them with a bank of case studies, testimonials and images which will help reinforce your sales pitch and strengthen your brand values.  Websites can also be used for training, internally and externally, if you are a growing business use your website to get new staff up to speed with your business is offering—cut down your time training your new or temporary employees. Create a multifunctional website and you’ll reap the rewards.

How can I measure the value of my website?

Websites can be integrated with sophisticated marketing tools and analytics software which will help you monitor your digital success. The ability to measure your success accurately enables you to set realistic goals/targets and continually improve and tailor your online offering. A website will only add value if your customers can find you easily online, so make sure whoever creates your website can explain how to help your business be found on search engines.

Web design costs vs your budget

Some marketing companies out there will hook you in with package deals and claim to be able to support all your marketing needs, others may tell you they build websites cheap and fast, how do you know what to choose? Either of these solutions may seem attractive to your business depending on your situation and both are advantageous to helping you grow your business online. Out sourcing your marketing will save you time and hassle, building a small website fast will help you hit the ground running and save you paying out for additional marketing support.

So, how can you make the right choice for your business? We recommend you talk to more than one company or freelancer, understand what each one is offering you as a solution.

A website cost should reflect the value it can add to your business.

Get focused, by asking the right questions before engaging a website company to help you produce your website. Here’s some useful ones to get you started…

  • What exactly in included with the website design and build?

  • Will you be tied into a contract, how long for and what is the benefit of this?

  • Are you confident you can do the marketing yourself?

  • What support do you actually require? (ie Domains, Hosting, Design, Technical Support, Marketing, Content Management)

  • How will outsourcing your marketing help you?

  • Do the extras bits added value to your business? (custom graphics, photography services, videography)

  • Does your agency understand how to help customers find your website?

  • Have they taken the time to understand what the best solution for your business is?

  • Security is important, what solutions do they provide for keeping your website safe?

Finally, we all know when you enjoy your work, you produce good results. So, if you choose a knowledgeable website designer who enjoys their job and is bursting with enthusiasm you will be more likely to get a website that will look professional and perform well.

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

Benjamin Franklin.


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