What is Functional Web Design?

Most if not all designers will have studied art, shown an interest in art or be highly creative in some form. So, what is the difference between being an artist and being a designer? Well, for me the answer is function.

Both artists and designers will create things that look aesthetically good, they want to attract your attention/ have an impact on you visually. The difference between artists and graphic designers vs a web designer is the importance of functionality. If you have a beautiful website that doesn’t work correctly, takes an age to load or is not SEO friendly then it’s success will unfortunately be very limited.

Web Design to Make Life Simple

Building websites is in fact a complex form of art, one that executed well will combine logic, purpose, interaction, reaction and marketing expertise with a memorable design and strong brand-identity.

Websites should look great and function well

Websites should always be a balance between looking fresh and stylish, and being memorable to users for their function, speed and usability — so that they will return again and again. This is the recipe for success in any website project.

You need to be sure that whoever you appoint has carried out competitor research, advised on the best functions for your requirements and has mapped out the journey your user will take in the buying process. The trick to not over complicating this or over designing a website is to continually ask – is it adding value to your customer and is it necessary?

How to get started with Functional Website Design

The trick is to plan, to map out not only what your pages will look like, but also how they will fit together. To get started, try asking yourself these key questions.

  • What problems are the users trying to solve?
  • What functions do we need to use solve this purpose for them?
  • Which of these functions are easy and which are more complex?
  • How will our website design convert visitors into Customers?

If you start by finding the answers to these questions, you will have a head start towards building a website that is results driven.

If you still require some assistance improving the functional design on your website, Creative Twist can  can help. Simply call 07540750312, email, or use the contact form below to send us a question.


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